3 Things To Think About


So we are going to deviate a little from what we normally do, because we think interaction is a big part of music. We want to know what you guys think about these topics. The Music Industry has started evolving in different ways over the last 20 years, and has had a LOT of changes. There’s been the good and the bad.

So here are some things on our mind, that we wanna throw out there and see what you guys think. We all love music. So let’s keep it civil, but everyone get involved.


1) Piracy.

We know, we know… It’s a big debate right now. Do I download music , or do I buy it? It’s a hard one. It’s so simple, it’s a no brainer. But in the end, we are affecting an industry that gives us more pleasure than most things on earth. And if there’s no money going in, how can we expect to get something out. It costs lots of money to make albums, and rehearse. A lot of the music we enjoy is the product of years of work, and hours spent getting it to be something great. So should we be expecting that for free, or should we be paying for it?


2) Are computers helping or hindering?

Of course, computers and digital recording has changed the music industry for ever. For the first time in history, anyone can record their own song and post it online for anyone to hear. Heck, you don’t even need to know how to play an instrument. You can grab a few samples, make a few clicks and you have a song. But is that destroying what it means to be a ‘musician’? Or is the term ‘musician’ merely developing to include a broader spectrum. I have never met anyone who does not see themselves as someone who loves music. Everyone wants to think themselves as a musician, and if they have any sort of recording that have some way recorded, they will want to claim that as being a musician. Has the term ‘Musician’ become broader?


3) Is the Music Community too negative?

You could say this for community in general. But as musicians, do we uplift or do we bring down? I am saying tell everyone that they are amazing, but should we be so judgmental of a musician we don’t know? I know I have caught myself judging musicians without knowing them, just by looking at how they play. I don’t know if they have been playing for 10 minutes or 10 years. And should it matter? Should I not just be positive in every regard?

Or should we be critical, because raising the bar is import. Should we be real with guys, and let them know that musicians are not equal. Being real is a really important aspect of making art, and raising the standard.


These are questions, that we would love to hear what you guys think. Everyone has  a personal opinion, and we want to hear it, as long as it doesn’t stand on someone elses. If you guys want to debate, that’s great. But be open. there’s no need to angry. No one needs to agree, we just think that this is something we should be thinking about. Because it will affect us!

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